Sunday, 17 August 2014

The positive side of friends:)

There are things that I'm so thankful for in my life.
If you choose to be grateful, the positives' will definitely outweigh the negatives' and..
That's what makes you live life to it's fullest:)
 I'm thankful for my friends.. all of them. C.M, Y.L, C.N,M.M, R.S ,M.C, A.P, C.N, T.N, O.T, A.S, S.W, M.Y, T.S, R.T, C.D, D.T ,C.M, S.T, H.P ( especially these closest ones) I feel like I can say absolutely anything to them without feeling like I'm being judged. I guess that what friends are for: They accept you for who you are.<3
To all the people who has been /is a friend to someone,
you deserve this!:D

Remember.. It's not an easy task to be a good friend:) You, and your friends deserve 1000x pats on the back haha

Have a great day xxx


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