Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Terrible things-Mayday Parade

The last time I blogged was on Saturday, so I decided it was time to post again!:)
But... guess what
I FELL IN LOVE.................................................................

With a song

I mean... how often do you get to listen to a song that makes you go on the verge of tearing up. 
I don't usually end up liking a song the first time I listen to it. But in this case... it was love at first sight, or rather love at first listen haha. 

Terrible Things by Mayday Parade <3<3<3

Take four minutes to just listen to it and follow along with the lyrics

It's about a father telling his story to his " son" ( hypothetical). The memories of how he fell in love with his mother and the beautiful things they shared. Until that fateful day, when he proposed to her, she said :
"Boy can I tell you a terrible thing?
It seems that I'm sick and I've only got weeks.
Please, don't be sad now, I really believe,
You were the greatest thing that ever happened to me."

Something that seemed so perfect, almost indestructible... was crashed within moments of notice.

This was the advice the father had for his son- never to fall in love
Is that more selfish that selfless? To keep his son from learning to love, from feeling the pain, from going through that part of life...all due to his failed love. 

I guess the main point of this song is to convey the message: Never take anything for granted, for it may slip away from you...leaving you wishing that you had been more appreciative. 

But of course..." The course of true love never did run smooth"- Shakespeare 

Have a wonderful day everyone!
Thanks for reading. If you have something to say please comment:)

If you're reading this Chloe, thank you for showing this song to me. Btw, I can't wait till you learn to sing this with your amazing voice and play this on the piano! <3 Without you, this whole post wouldn't have been written. 


  1. OMIGOSH J I THOUGHT U'D ACTUALLY FALLEN IN LOVE!! Haha. This song sounds amazing. I will listen to it as soon as I get a pair of earphones so my weirdo parents don't come barging in...

  2. oh June that is so sweet

  3. Don't forget her amazing sister! Who showed her this song!! btw your really good at blogging!

  4. What? Tears? No, I think I just got a song lyric in my eye. T-T
    Wow, this is beautiful. I really like how you dig into the song like this! Was the dad being selfish? Was he, really?! I mean... I almost was hoping at the end he might say how the wonderful things may just be worth all the terrible ones. But no... It had to be depressing! I don't know. A very thought provoking post, nonetheless! ^-^
    Thanks for introducing me to this song and your blog! It's beautiful! :D
    -Morning Kay

  5. Haha!
    Thank you so much:)
    Yea... I guess that's the way I interpret it as.
    Ik... How nice would it be if everything changed for the better at the end of the song?

  6. Mwahahaha ahahaha ahahaha ahahah i know who u are..............................

    1. Cm has found ur blog haahahhahaha

    2. Dear weirdo person;)
      Your initials look strangely familiar.


    I love that band, and I actually consider Mayday Parade as an emotion/feeling. Haha!


  8. Cool blog! Haven't listened yet, but sure will! Will be following shortly :) To follow my blog, you can click the two squares in the followers section, and then click Follow on the pop-up.

    Love blog!

    1. Thank you!<3 Ok I know what to do now:) Thanks for telling me!

  9. omg so amazing can i have yr wechat


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