Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The Summer (* Winter) Rewind

It's interesting... how in so many countries, summer is coming to a close...while here in Australia, it's spring. It can still get pretty cold you know. I'm just gonna pretend that summer has just ended and continue with this tag!:)
Thank you Emily from Lynde Avenue for nominating me for this! I really appreciate it<3


So the rules for this is...

1. Thank the person(s) who tagged you.
2. Post about five to eight things that you did over the summer or upcoming in your summer schedule!* Pictures are optional.
4. Answer the ten summer/fall questions given to you.
6. Tag 5 or more bloggers and tell them by commenting on their blog.
5. Ask ten new summer/fall related questions.
7. Share the banner above when you publish the post and credit the photo and the tag origin ( 

Things I did this winter
1) One of the highlights is definitely joining netball! I just love everyone in the team.:)

2)Tournament of minds:) It's a lot of hard work but I'm so proud of us for getting into regional finals. R.S, A.P, Y.L, I feel like doing this has increased our friendship bond by A LOT. <3

3) Visited places in Australia I've never ever been to ( Finally went to see the 12 apostles!) . We toured around the whole of Victoria, as you probably may have guessed.. the never ending hours trapped in the car wasn't very pleasant... 

4) Pianoooo concert ♪♫

5) I did a bit of fishing, mainly watching my dad catching crabs and carps! Hahaha.. 

Questions I received 

1. What's the first thing you're going to say when everyone asks you, "What did you do this summer?"
" Oh I did lots!" " Too much for me to explain" :p

2. When does school start for you?
Haha it started quite a few weeks ago, I think I lost count. 

3. What is the biggest challenge you anticipate you'll face this school term?
I guess just giving a go in as many things as i possibly can:)

4. Be honest - how much did you read this summer?
ER...this question is made for my embarrassment.. 
I've read a few books ( Divergent, Jasper Jones, Lovely bones...) not a lot. 

5. Did you go shopping often? What's your fave purchase?
Hmm.. every so often:) Favourite purchase... clothes!

6. Do you tan or burn?
I TAN. I've always been Tan:) lol inside joke hahaha

7. Do you prefer warm or cool weather?
Warm. I really don't like wearing bulky clothing, 

8. Ice cream or hot cocoa?
Ice cream!! 

9. Shoveling snow or raking leaves?
Hey guess what! I've done neither of them hahaha!Therefore my answer will be VACUUMING THE HOUSE

10. Ice skating or swimming?
Definitely ice skating<3

Tag 5 or more bloggers

All amazing blogs!<3

*If It wasn't summer in where you are, just do this tag according to the season you've just ended on *

My questions for you!

1) What is your greatest achievement over the summer/ fall/ winter/ autumn ?
2) Sneakers or Flats?
3) Do you tan or burn?
4) Cycling or strolling?
5) What is something you've learnt over the summer/ fall/ winter/ autumn ?
6) Favourite song ?
7)Most embarrassing thing that happened to you over the summer/ fall/ winter/ autumn ?
8) What do you look forward to doing the next summer/ fall/ winter/ autumn ?
9)How much have you read over the Summer?
10) What is the favourite picture you took this summer/ fall/ winter/ autumn ?

Thanks for reading!<3
Comment if you have anything to say xx


  1. Thanks for nominating me! It looks like you have had a fun summer!

  2. Ahahaha TAN!!! And I love our netball team too <3 Hehe. Sorry J but I've already refused to do this tag coz it's um kinda Winter here. It's cool that you incorporated winter into your tag though xo


    1. Oh there's no big difference between winter and summer;);)

  3. Haha, it's funny that your reply to the first question is that you did a lot over the summer, because my answer would have been I did nothing XD Thanks for the tag!

    1. Hahaha! I did lots as in " slacking off" :)) your welcome!

  4. It seems like you had an eventful summer! And you traveled Australia? No way! I'd love to go and travel there someday. XD

    xoxo Morning

  5. Yess! I can't wait for the next holiday:)

  6. Thanks for nominating me. Looking forward to seeing you at the TOM's regional finals even though we aren't in the same team.

    1. No problem!<3 your one of the first few people that come into my mind when I have to tag blogs:)) yes I'll see you there! Haha as if we don't see eachother in school everyday -.-

  7. Beautiful pictures of Australia! And you look very pretty, too. *hugs*

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

    Love, Les

    1. You are too sweet!<3
      Your so welcome, thank you for visiting my blog.:D

  8. Australia looks so gorgeous! You have such a perfect tan. I love the song on this blog btw.

    1. Yes! Australia is gorgeous..:)
      My tan!? Hahaha you're the first person to say that!
      Thank you for your lovely comment. <3

  9. Great post! Thank you for your comment on my blog. Greetings from Poland <3
    I would be very pleased if you will become a unique follower of my blog:

    1. Yes of course I will follow your wonderful blog!:)


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