Saturday, 12 September 2015

Trust has been broken.

In this ever so superficial world, it's so hard to tell who's sincere and who's not. You wonder if that person is actually there for keeps or just for a brief fling.
Ironically enough, our brain decides whether to trust someone in milliseconds, sometimes it's people we're only subliminally aware of.

At the beginning, it's almost impossible to predict the outcomes of a relationship. It's not what we want to here, but the unexpected/undesired does happen,and more than often:

"She betrayed me"
" He broke my heart"
" She lied"
" He's changed..."

So what now. It didn't feel good did it?

" There's this really hot guy in tennis.".

That's exactly how it all started. The whole drama situation. Well, nobody would have known the ending then.

It's not everyday my friend walks into the school with such a bold statement hanging off her lips. So we all took this pretty seriously. I've never met this guy, and only know his face by the zooming in onto the group photos posted of Facebook.

So things grew from there, and I swear their relationship progressed fast as hell. Talking to each other by the third day and texting by the second week. It was cute, it really was.

He doesn't have a phone, but he would stay online of FB to talk to her for hours. And so, as predicted, it didn't take long for the mutual ' I like you ' messages to come into the picture. They chatted about committing to each other, he said he wanted to, but only after the summer break.

This was probably the worst time, because both of them went overseas for summer vacation and didn't see each other for 2 months.  From what I know, they definitely kept in contact, but things changed after a couple of weeks. He wasn't responding too well to her messages.

One day out of the blue came a text from him saying this
' I met someone during summer, things got a little out of hand, we danced and I ended up kissing her'

Man.. something that just seemed so perfect crashed down with just a click of his fingers. Wow. Just wow.

Maybe their relationship was ever so shallow. Or maybe everything happened too fast and their love for each other did not extend beyond their physical attributes. I can't be too sure. But for what I know, the short period of time they had with each other was real, and they were happy, genuinely happy.

We can't always hope for the best in other people , but we can always hope for the best in ourselves.

Fine, other people can be a let down, we can't stop that from happening. But you cannot be a let down towards yourself. Don't.

I'm afraid of falling into the trap of having my trust broken, I never want to let it happen to me. But when the time comes, I want to be strong, I want to pull through it and never look back. Just like what my friend did. She was cool, she really was. He wanted her back at one point, and she said no. Not that she didn't want to forgive him, but because he did not repent.

So... this post is dedicated to my friend ;) to think she had such guts to ask for a blog post about herself.

Written with love,


  1. Juneeeeeeeee!!!!!! :):):)

    I always get super happy when I see that you've posted:)

    Gosh, high school relationships are so tough. I really admire your friend though, she's handled this a lot better than most people that I know who have been in similar situations.

    Trust is really such a tricky thing. I hope that if this ever happens to me, I can handle it like your friend did:)

    Yet another marvelous post, June:) <3

    1. Graceee! Thank you so much for this comment! x

  2. I love the types of posts you've been doing lately. It's always good to be able to be serious on your blog once in awhile!

    Emily // Lynde Avenue Designs

    1. Haha I didn't even notice this myself! Thank you Emily x

  3. You've captured high school relationships perfectly. Hope this all gets sorted,

    Lizzie Dripping

    1. It's all sorted now, thank you!!

  4. Hmm...very thought provoking. I don't know, I guess it's proof that you can't trust just anyone. I feel for your friend, it must be difficult <3

    1. It's difficult to tell who will stay and who will leave in the long run.. I guess that's just how it is. Thank you Lauren!

  5. Trust is hard. Many times in my life I have been hurt by people because they had broken that trust many times. I admire that your friend has much courage to get up and have this story shared. <3

    xoxo Morning

    1. I have been too! I feel you! Thank you Morning xox

  6. First off, Hey June, I'm May! (I have waited AGES to say this to someone, omg.)

    I think trust is such a simple thing yet it's so bloody complicated. Good on your friend for being able to let it go and keep her head up high! Wishing you all the best for your friendships and relationships to come!

    May | THE MAYDEN

    1. Lol hahahha hey May!! x
      Thank you so much!

  7. Hey June! T r u s t. Trust is a weird thing. You never have it for long, but when you have it, particularly a two way trust, you feel on top-of-the-world. You summed this up perfectly! <3 I already know I'm going to love this blog!


    1. Mutual trust is just the best thing you could ever get! I agree with you.
      Thank you so much Lexi! x

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  9. Hey, lovely blog!
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  10. I wish I had that strenght but I'm just afraid of being alone.

    / Avy

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