Thursday, 28 August 2014

Blog post written on paper

Pen in my hand... and a blank piece of paper lying in front of me.
Ink flows out from the tip of my pen...and stains the pure white black.
Ink stains can be ignored...but they never do come off, in fact... they smudge.
Would you have chosen to hold the pencil? If you knew what would have happened. 
But what if... the pencil doesn't have a story.. 
just faint fading dashes.
Skip over the smudges. Be Bold. Etch the good memories. Etch the bad memories. 
 Fear the empty ones in which you chose to pencil and rub away...

Written with love<3
" The Bold and the Beautiful"


  1. J, this was lovely <3 Thanks for teaching me to go over the smudges than erase everything away.

  2. Very nicely written, not bad dear June. <3 Inspiring...


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