Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Dear... You know who you are;)

I just have a few short sentences to say to you:
I was going to give you a card...but I realized that was not going to be half as exciting as how you wished me happy birthday.
So...I'll be a little bit more original. This blog post is dedicated to you!
Thank you for a being such a great friend!You're somebody I can always talk to no matter what time of the day it is!:)
I'm going to quote something you said before... and I'll say it back to you on this special day. 
" You're not somebody that just came and will eventually leave my life, you are somebody very special to me." 

I wish you a beautiful day!
Enjoy the birthday songs! HAHAHA


  1. This is so sweet! Tell this person I wish them a happy birthday as well ;)

    Emily | Lynde Avenue


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