Tuesday, 31 March 2015

We won't see another man like him.

He was an extraordinary man

But would he have known...

That after his death, the entire nation would be submerged in deep mourning.

That thousands and thousands would be braving torrential downpours and extreme heats to send him off on his final journey.

That people from all over the world would be commemorating him with images of tributes printed on T-shirts and dominating social media profile pictures. 

Because he holds such an honorable position in the hearts of all Singaporeans .

Lee Kuan Yew was a man with great visions...and with that, he motivated and he inspired many.
His outstanding contributions to Singapore are countless.

First prime minister of Singapore and a socialist politician who transformed the country from a small fishing port

To this vibrant and well governed prosperous city

Around 150,000 people die each day. But how many of them will be still remembered after centuries or even decades after their existence? Only those that changed history.

Not all of us are as intellectual or capable of making life changing contributions like Lee Kuan Yew..
But he left us his legacy of doing good and being kind to others, and with that said, it's not a hard goal to work towards.

Let's face it. I may not end up living half the meaningful life Lee Kuan Yew had or to
 be globally recognized for generations to come after I die.

But for what I do know, l want people to have crossed paths with me in my entire lifetime to remember me as the generous, compassionate person who has lived life to the fullest...

 Just like Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

How about you?:)

Witten with Love,


  1. RIP

    Very beautiful and deep article.

  2. thanks for sharing...so interesting

  3. I have been looking for a good blog all day and I just found yours and I love it! it seems like you have been blogging for years and your so passionate I can see it through your writing style I am now going to rummage and stalk your posts. RIP he was an amazing man we need more men like him in this world

    1. Aww made my day!:) I agree.. we need more great men like him in our future generation.

  4. he was a great man and he inspired many with his honesty and integrity.
    he will be missed.
    he wasn't just a leader, he was Singapore's father.
    a good leader will forever be remembered.

    loving your blog dear,
    I am now following you through Bloglovin & GFC.

    ❤❤ Nybel

    1. I agree with you totally.. Thank you so much! <3

  5. He was literally such an amazing man. Just wow. He basically created Singapore. And June, you're concept is so interesting. That after we die we would want people we've crossed to remember us in a certain way. I've never thought that far ahead.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. I guess that's the main legacy we get to leave after our death. Thank you M xx

  6. Thanks for sharing... #RIP

    - http://thedauntlessgirl.blogspot.com/#

  7. RIP ♥

    I googled him after reading this and he truly was an amazing man, dearly missed. The world has suffered a great loss.

    1. He definitely will be missed..
      Thank you Cindy <3

  8. nice post :) happy Easter. Kisses :)


  9. That's really sad when an inspiring person dies... but just remember that what he had done will stay in the hearts of people he inspired

    1. You are so right. As long as we live a meaningful life.

  10. Hey J!
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  12. I'm so sorry to hear that, he sounds like an amazing man.

  13. Hey June!
    I nominated you for the famous people tag at my blog. Here's a link so you can check out: http://jessicaswholeworld.blogspot.com.au/2015/04/the-famous-people-award.html
    <3 Jessi xox

  14. He sounds like a great man~
    Rest in Peace!


  15. Replies
    1. I think I would. But we all have different views.

  16. Everybody should start something like this just not to inspire others but for the betterment of the society we live in...


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